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Swim Systems LUXE E 209 Bottom

Swim Systems LUXE E 209 Keyhole adjustable tie side bottom with a straight across fit. Seamless front. Gold metal cord stoppers. Moderate coverage.
Manufacturer: Swim Systems

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The LUXE by Swim Systems is avaiable in 4 Bikini tops, 2 Tankini Tops, a Kimono Cover-Up & 4 Bikini Bottoms and a Flirty Skirt

E 639 Seamless Triangle Top
E 664 Two Tone Underwire Top                                                  
E 627 Soft Tie Halter To
E 688 Side Cinch Tankini Top

Specialty Tops D- DD:
E 618 Wear It 3 Ways D-Cup Top
E 673 2-Way Butterfly Tankini

* E 209 Tie Side Bottom(Pictured)

  • Keyhole adjustable tie side bottom. 
  • Straight across fit, Seamless front
  • Gold Metal cord stoppers
  • Made of 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane.

E 214 Side Shirred Banded Bottom
E 247 Banded Bottom
E 288 The Mini Bottom
E 286 Flirty Skirt Bottom

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